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2 de mai de 2013

Some answers deserve more than 140 characters.

I woke up early this morning because of the noise on my street. Lately this has happened often. Also the worries of life make my sleep becomes lighter. I usually do not bother with people talking loudly in the street, here on the fifth floor of the building where I live. Since I have a work meeting later and now would not start doing anything, I openned the twitter through my phone, to see the news of people I follow. Started by Jacob Vargas. Actor, handsome and competent. When I say handsome, I am not referring to that obvious beauty, the magazine cover kind. Because what attracts me is not it. I like men with manish ways, posture of man, and that charm that never fades. The smile that communicates, the look that communicates ... And then Jacob becomes a very interesting man, and an actor, because he lends this to his characters.

So I was surprised and thrilled with his question: 

What kind of role would my fans love to see me do? Looking for some inspiration.
— Jacob Vargas (@TheJacobVargas) May 2, 2013

Yeah, Mr. Vargas. I'll send you the link to this post, and I hope you read. I can't answer your question in 140 characters, so I decided to transform my answer in some kind of homage to you, here at my blog. 

Jacob Vargas... Since I hope he reads that, let's just say a few things he already know, but some of you also reading maybe not. Actually, let's make it quick... You can see his list of movies and works and grab some information about him here: IMDB. You will get that he has done a lot of movies, and you probably saw him in one of them, cause he did all kinds of production - at least one should be framed to your personal taste.

And when this guy came into existence for me? Well, I like movies about real people, real life heroes, trying to overcome the problems of life. I like movies with good dialogues and strong characters, well-defined in its qualities. I like the kind of films it produces personalities.

In 1996, I think, I was in my Francis Ford Coppola fever. I consider him one of the best directors. I used to go every week in a video store, and always went out with a movie that had his name on the cover. And so I rented 'Mi Familia'. He was the executive producer of the film, and his name appeared in bold letters on the cover. Thank you Francis Ford Coppola!!! This movie became an all time favorite for me. It's about some generations of mexican-americans living in east LA. We follow the story of the family from Jose, who comes from Michoacan to settle in LA, to their children and grandchildren. The whole movie is beautiful and deserves a post by itself. But let's skip all that and just talk about Jacob Vargas. In the film, he is Jose in the first phase. And he held my attention from the begginning. Very expressive, with a very pretty voice intonation, which expressed emotion. I boarded the character roads to LA, and I believed the stories he told. Watch the movie, I beg you all. 

I loved it all, all the actors did a great job, but Jacob got me there. And since then he became a favorite of mine. I don't like all the movies he has made. Some of them I hate... Not because of him... It's just that some movies are too poor to have an actor like that!

That all said, I guess Jacob, if reading this, is getting my point. He's good in creating rich characters. Real people, complex people. I would love to see him doing some love story, a real one, with real emotions getting in the way of a happy ending. I readed some answers from other fans... One of them was telling that he was great as a cholo, in Next Friday. I agree. He gave Joker a meaning. He was not just a cholo. He was a real funny person, in a real freaky world. That's what he has different from other cholos in other movies. The same person asked him to do more mexican characters. I don't see how this apply. Mexicans guys, for all I know, can be anything. From doctors to football players, right? Real people don't just answer: 'I'm a Japanese descent', meaning this is a job or something. Being a Japanese doesn't make me less human, right? 

So that is... I like people. I like good lines, that express more than it is said. You are a good actor to play that kind of people, because you have vivid eyes and your whole body lenguage is very rich when your interpetrating. One good exemple is Roy, from Wigs' Christine and Blue. Good lines, a well-defined line of qualities and in seconds we're cheering that the girl accepts him, cause only a crazy chick wouldn't. Aparently Wigs is the channel for crazy chicks... They could do a show about the personal life of Roy, and his attempts to get someone! That would be fantastic!!! 

So, getting longer and longer... I'll stop. I gave the answer, hope he reads, if not, at least I talked about him to my friends at this blog. AND I WANT TO SEE CHAVEZ!!! Jacob will understand that!


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