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6 de ago de 2013

Boycott of Game of Thrones!!!

I must start this post saying that, as a rule, do not like epics. So, I'm not a viewer of the series Game of Thrones, broadcasted by the HBO network. This morning, a post on Facebook by a friend, made ​​me read up a bit about the production of this series, and I decided that there should be limits on it. Here's what my friend wrote (I will not identify him, he will if he wants to, via comments):

"game of thrones uses an horrific quantity of real fur... Not seeing it..."

So my friend wrote this and provided two links to materials from reliable sources of news, which confirm the statement. One is Forbes, and the other is the website Deadline Hollywood. Both subjects in English, focus on the pride of the series for its visual whim. The second, more ostensibly shows excerpts from an interview with the designer, which explains how the costumes are made. In a particular passage, Michele Clapton says: 

"Winterfell and the House of Stark have a bit more of comfort, but it’s still very stark and stoic. There is not much to do, so the women embroider. Also, these people hunt, kill things and eat them, and their clothing would reflect that. I did try using fake fur to make things, but it doesn’t work, especially on HD."

That is, she used fake fur for costume and decoration in the series, but it was not 'cute' and faithful, and so she decided to buy real fur, from cruel slaughterhouses and breeding houses for the amusement of its viewers. You, a fan of Game of Thrones, would stop watching the series because of the lack of veracity in some clothing? Would you not enjoy the story just because of it?

Still in the comments of the post from my friend, another person points that more than pleasing to the public, the goal of Michele, in this case is very clear: win Emmys ... Not for the series as a whole. But for her, as costume designer. And apparently she has gained some ... Just as in the opinion of those who made ​​this comment, I think it's a horrible and cruel futility that animals are being mistreated for that girl to win prizes for her work. I find it absurd that, in fact, Hollywood reward that sort of thing!! I'm really angry.

I decided to write this text to show how we, as a society, are silent and selfish ... Come to my reasoning. You, who is a fan of the series, will do anything? Will protest? Or will just keep watching, because it's fun? The actors ... Why continue working on the show? To earn money? Can't you have a job somewhere else?Hollywood is huge for those who can act. Does the incompetence of these people is such that they subject themselves to endorse this kind of cruelty, not to lose the job?? And, we will even reward this kind of production, Hollywood?? Humanity is rotten!


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